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24th Scale Pair Of China Fire Side Dogs

Price: £4.40 Product Code: 0303075 - A10 Product Dimensions: 14mm High

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24th Scale Pair Of China Fire Side Dogs Click the image above to enlarge.

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Excellent Quality 24th Scale Pair Of Fire Side Dogs Made Of Quality China With Gilded Collar. Could Also Be Used In 12th Scale Settings.

The dogs were seated in pairs, decorated with a gold chain and locket, and with a creamy white base coat. The Staffordshire spaniel was the quintessential Victorian bourgeois status-symbol ornament: no mantelpiece was complete without a pair of spaniels standing guard. Staffordshire dogs were also placed on the window sill.

There are various tales said to portray the usefulness of placing the Staffordshire spaniel figurines on window sills. One story is that a woman could place the ornaments in her front window; if the spaniels were turned back to back, it meant her husband was at home. If he was away or at sea, the dogs would be placed facing each other.

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