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My Dollhouse

Not a customers work this time but my very own.

I have just been going through some photographs and found a couple of pictures of a dollhouse I worked on many years ago. It was designed and built by my husband and decorated inside and out by me.

The bathroom set was made by the German company Bodo Hennig and I still have it today waiting for my next project. The flooring was a Victorian style floor tile paper which I varnished a couple of times, I then used an old biro pen that had no ink to score all around the tiles to give it a realist look.

The kitchen tiles were made from fimo clay and varnished to give a shiny effect. The kitchen range I created out of balsa wood and used some old jewellery findings to create the handles. All of the kitchen shelves were also made from balsa wood, the back shelves I trimmed with some bobbin lace that I made . There is a sink  to the side of the range though not a great view of it I'm afraid but this also has a balsa wood draining board that I stained with a coffee wash of all things to give it an aged effect. The last of my balsa wood makes is the tea towel holder at the back and the basket holder on the ceiling which I inserted tiny screw eyes and opened them up to create my hooks.

The lounge flooring was a piece of thin wood that I scored to make it look like realistic strips of floorboards using that old biro pen with no ink, I added tiny pin holes using a dress makers pin to create the look of recessed floorboard nails. Lastly I gave it a coat of antique briwax polish to give it that aged look. The finished floor was then put in place and the skirting was inserted over the top to fix it down. The fireplace was made using off cuts of an embossed fabric glued to more Balsa wood. I then painted over it with a black matt paint, once dried I used a HB pencil to draw all over the surface and then buffed to a polished sheen with a cotton cloth. I was really pleased with the effect. I created a grate using balsa wood and a jewellery finding for the ash pan again using the same method as the fire place, then found some black tissue paper which I rolled into tiny coal like shapes. I painted a tiny bulb orange and placed it under the coals to give the effect of glowing embers when lit. The fire surround was again good old balsa wood but stained with a walnut stain. The fire hearth had fimo clay tiles, I found a piece of decorative lace, painted it with a tacky glue and left it to dry three times in all until it was ridged. I then gave it the same finish as the fire place. and placed it upright around the edge of the fimo tiles. I have to say it was a very convincing Hearth.

I hope I have given you some ideas here, it just proves that you don't always have to spend a fortune. There are many cheap or free everyday materials around that you can use to create you own unique miniatures for a fraction of the cost, which can be most enjoyable and satisfying

I am only sorry I have not found all of the photographs that show the work in more detail. Should I come across them I will of course add them at a later date.


Due to downsizing I gave the house to a friend of a friend a few years ago. I hope she too has enjoyed putting her mark on it.