Klass Shultz Miniatures

Highly detailed and crafted from the work of artisan Klass Shultz.

Klaas was introduced to the world of miniatures when his wife Lynette took him to a show in their native South Africa over 10 years ago. A former bank manager, Klaas had obviously spent his formative years playing with the popular toys and games of the time! So impressed and inspired was he by the possibilities offered by the experience, that he immediately started to gather pictures and information on the miniatures you now see today. Klaas is so determined to reach perfection that some pieces can take up to two years to research, design and finally build! His eye for detail is evident in every miniature from the hooks and weights in the fishing tackle box to the protractor and compass in the maths set and even spare saw blades in the fretwork kit! Each one a pleasure to behold and a reminder of the simple pleasures so many of us experienced in our younger years!