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Lighting Instructions

Lighting a Dolls house is safe, easy and quick!


The Streets Ahead Dollshouse socket system requires no soldering and no electrical knowledge at all. It is a fool proof method for all dollshouse enthusiasts of any age.


  1. Plan which lights are going into each room. Remember that a DE005 Transformer will run up to 32 bulbs, not 32 lights.



    2. Socket Strip Method

    You will need: 1x DE005 Transformer

                            1x DE074 Socket Set

                            Lights of you choice      


    3. Each light has a removable plug. Simply unwind the wire from each prong on the plug and pull the wire through the plug.


    4. Make a hole in the wall of the house and thread the wire through.


    5. Re-attach the wire to the plug by passing the wire through the plug and winding one wire around each prong to make the connection.


    6. Attach the  Socket Set (DE074) which has an adhesive back to the rear wall of the house.


    7. Plug each light into the Socket Set—up to 12 lights. If your require more sockets please order DE072, pack of 2 triple sockets and plug, which you can plug into the DE074 Socket Set to give an extra 4 more lights.


    8. The spade connectors on the DE074 Socket Set attaches to the DE005 Transformer by unscrewing the two screws and placing the connectors underneath. Then tighten the screws up and the Transformer plugs straight into the wall.

















    It’s as easy as that!


    It is advisable to wallpaper before lighting but carpet after lighting.