Paraffin heater with built-in light effect


Product may vary slightly from image representation. - Contains Small parts; Not suitable for children under 14years
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1/12 scale Valor paraffin heater with built-in flicking effect.

Exclusive product NOT available anywhere else.

Made by ourselves and unique in the miniature world.

built in flicker unit

used in home from 1880 onwards and widely used until 1970's

most popular brand made by valor

12 Volt operation, long life LED low power consumption 0.025A (less 1/2 of std lamp)


The Valor trade mark was first used by a small business in Birmingham, England which began in 1890, to manufacture oil-storage cabinets principally for the Anglo-American Oil Company (subsequently better known as Esso). This business later expanded its product range to include kerosene heaters and millions of these appliances were sold world wide in the first half of the last century.

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