Alice Keppel


Product may vary slightly from image representation. - Contains Small parts; Not suitable for children under 14years
Product Code:
28037 - E1
Size & Material:
40mm wide x 45mm tall, including the frame.

Watercolour sketch of Alice Keppel, Mistress of King Edward VII, painted by  Angela Daniel in 2014. In a gold frame.  

Size: 40mm wide x 45mm tall, including the frame.

Alice Frederica Keppel was a British society hostess and a long-time mistress and confidante of King Edward VII. Keppel grew up at Duntreath Castle, the family seat of the Edmonstone baronets in Scotland. She was the youngest child of Mary Elizabeth, née Parsons, and Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Baronet.In 1891 she married George Keppel, an Army officer, and they had two daughters. Alice Keppel became one of the best society hostesses of the Edwardian era. Her beauty, charm and discretion impressed London society and brought her to the attention of the future King Edward VII in 1898, when he was still Prince of Wales, whose mistress she remained until his death, lightening the dark moods of his later years, and holding considerable influence.

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