Smiths Crisps or chips Packet


Product may vary slightly from image representation. - Contains Small parts; Not suitable for children under 14years
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paper 17x11mm

1/12th scale Smiths Crisps Packet, realistic wartime crisps. (Crisps have always been known as chips in the USA)

Smiths Potato Crisps Company Ltd formed in 1920, the crisps were sold from his pony and trap around London. He would also include a twist of salt. Crisps were so popular that within a year, the couple had to move to larger premises and employ 12 staff members.

The company thrived and during World War II it was rumoured that little blue bags of salt weren't the only things found in Smiths crisps. Apparently, the women packing the crisps would also sometimes pack little pieces of paper with their names and addresses on them to draw the attention of any lonely soldiers. Following the end of the War, production at Smith's had to be increased and crisp factories as we know them today began to take shape.