Arc Welder welding effect / garage or railway


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Arc Welder welding effect 

For your garage display or model raillways                     

Simulating the various colours flashes of arc welding.

Arc Welding flash effects using white, blue, yellow, red and other colour sequences to produce an authentic arc welding simulation. Comprehensive observation and programming allows an authentic simulation of an arc welder in operation, arc strike - welding - splutter - after glow and cool down. This unit does NOT produce a random collection of flashes OR a unit that uses one, or at best two single colour Led’s trying to reproduce the many colours required.           We have no problem in showing our unit in action before you buy – see below. The unit repeats the sequence  with a random delay of 5 to 30 seconds Add to your layout buildings, garages, under cars, construction scenes, track-side welding, workshops to name a few. Using advanced microprocessor techniques and programming, we designed and manufacture a new range of lighting effects for the modeller.

We have programmed the effect around an advanced addressable LED which can produce a colour sequence at high brightness and speed. Comes with on-board special LED and does not require any additional LED's to operate. operates on 8 to 13 volts DC @ 40 ma max. can be battery operated.

probably the smallest and best arc welder simulator in the world !

size: 11mm  x  14mm  x 5mm 


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What our customers say...

I have to say I'm impressed, build quality excellent (i am an engineer) and performance 10/10. I purchase one for my 12th scale garage/workshop where a man is welding up a car - looks the business! and have had many nice comments. I am ordering another unit for my model railway layout for track welding as it is much better than anything else I've seen. JB

Rated by James Barton
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