Ration book wartime England 1943


Product may vary slightly from image representation. - Contains Small parts; Not suitable for children under 14years
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printed paper 16 x 12 mm

Delightful 1/12th scale Ration Book. 1943 Wartime England food ration book - 10 pages of authentic content.

Rationing began on 8th January 1940 when bacon, butter and sugar were rationed. By 1942 many other foodstuffs, including meat, milk, cheese, eggs and cooking fat were also rationed.  Typical allowances were:

4 oz Bacon & Ham, Other meat to value of 1 shilling and 2 pence. 2 oz Butter,  2 oz  Cheese, 4 oz Margarine, 4 oz Cooking  fat, 3 pints of Milk, 8oz Sugar, 2 oz Tea, 1 fresh Egg + dried allowance, Sweets 12 oz every 4 weeks

rationing formally ended in 1954.