Look & Learn 1962 Issue 1


Product may vary slightly from image representation. - Contains Small parts; Not suitable for children under 14years
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Printed paper 25mm high

1/12th scale  Look & Learn 1962 Issue one 20th January 1962. Full unabridged 24 pages.

The first issue of Look and Learn was dated 20 January 1962, and contained a wide spectrum of features ranging from articles on history (Rome, the Houses of Parliament, the story of King Charles I, "The Dover Road", "From Then Till Now"), science ("Eyes on Outer Space"), geography and geology (The Grand Canyon, "The Quest for Oil"), art (Vincent van Gogh), nature ("The story of a seed", "Your Very Own Basset Hound"), literature (The Arabian Nights and its editor Sir Richard Burton) and travel ("The Children of Tokio"). The debut issue also contained the first episodes of "Three Men in a Boat" by Jerome K. Jerome and "The Children's Crusade" by Henry Treece and a feature on the founding of the World Wildlife Fund..

The first issue of the magazine sold about 700,000 copies and settled down to a regular sale of over 300,000 copies a week. The success of the magazine has been put down to the high quality of the magazine's content. Historian Steve Holland has said, "The premise of Look and Learn was to delight and inspire the imaginations of its young readers. To advance this principle, the features were clearly and briskly written and illustrated by some of the finest artists of the era resulting in a magazine of unmatched quality.